Quartzblur, WHMCS Admin Template

Quartzblur, WHMCS Admin Template
Compatible with the latest WHMCS 8.x
Sidebar Admin menu
Dark And Light theme available
Full Source Code, 100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files.
Updates & Support, Lifetime Free Updates, and 12-month support. Including new features, bug fixes, and WHMCS Updates.

  • //bastcloud.com/qovex/admin/ ** *Username : test *Password : test Don't take our word for it and test it yourself with limited admin access with our great admin template ** https
  • In version 2021.2 We have fixed all the reported bugs in the template and according to so many tests (Thanks to our customers) we can assure you there would not be any major issue from now. We also added dark mode which as you know there are not many choices for WHMCS admin dark mode if you are a dark mode lover. We are planning to implement an option for switching between light and dark mode with one click powered by live AJAX. The theme comes with tons of options, besides the good looks
  • This theme comes with a fully responsive design framework built around Bootstrap (whmcs admin theme) Fully Responsive
Send Product Related Ticket (WHMCS Automatic Ticket Pro)

Send Product-Related Ticket (WHMCS Automatic Ticket Pro)
There are many times did you thought it's necessary to send a message to customers of some of your products when they purchase it. You may want to ask them a question about that product or you may want to send them some guidance regarding using that product. But WHMCS itself doesn't have this feature. But no worries since Bastcloud is here for you. With the help of this addon module, you will be able to send an automatic support ticket to do your desired products in your desired situation for example after paying the invoice of that custom product order or after accepting that order by the administrator or even other situations. What do you need to do is just install this module and then configure it for your products you can activate it only for one product, two products, or as many products as you want. After we can figure this when your customers purchase your products an automatic support ticket will be created and send them through email which means you can communicate with your customers much better than before in a better way and more automated way.
The module licensee is valid for one domain and for other domains you can contact us through ticket and ask for 30% discount coupon code. The pricing is also based on a yearly subscription.

  • Note
WHMCS Notification Bar Addon

WHMCS notification bar Addon
It happens lots of times for hosting business providers that they want to announce something or give some very short information or just short news to their clients but unfortunately, WHMCS itself doesn't have a complete tool that could help you with this subject. In this situation, our adult module will help you so much by giving you the power to announce your customers immediately and make sure that everyone will get notified.
This module will help you to create a notification bar on top of your WHMCS client area which you can customize completely in order to be completely match with your template.
Important notice about this module is that it's only valid for one domain. For extra domains, you need to purchase extra licenses which you can contact us in this case and we will give you a good discount for extra licenses. The license is also based on a yearly subscription which you will get support as long as you have a valid license of the module.