Infinity Statements

Infinity Statements is a Jquery/Ajax based lightweight module allowing you to provide your customers with accurate account statements in the blink of an eye. Not only does this provide an admin back end where you can download the statement, it also provides the clients with the option to get their statement from your WHMCS client-area.

Auto Credit Advanced

WHMCS Auto Credit Advanced is a simple Module which allows you to manually select clients which need to have the Automatic Credit Allocation enabled.
Auto Credit Advanced Is ideal for WHMCS installations with Re-sellers, Since domains must not be automatically paid, this module allows you to make sure your re-seller’s credits aren’t automatically applied accidentally renewing domains, while also allowing you to keep the Automatic Credit Allocation feature enabled for other client’s.


Easily Transfer CPanel Accounts & Reseller Accounts From 1 Server To Another


FNB 2 WHMCS is an advanced allocation module for WHMCS which filters through payment notifications and allocates it to clients' profiles based on rules setup for them.

WHMCS Account Number

The WHMCS Account Number module enables your WHMCS to automatically assign every client a unique Client Code, which is only applicable to them, This enables you to add the client code to invoices for payment reference, and emails so that your client can simply quote a client code and you know who they are...
As an added benefit, WHMCS is modified to search on this code aswell, which means that you can easily find the client using the client code should they quote it to you. If they use it as a payment reference, you can use it to allocate funds easier aswell!

WHMCS Client Transactions & Credit

WHMCS Client Transactions & Credit enables clients to see their Credit balances in a Widget on the Side Menu in all WHMCS Pages.
Clients can also view their Credit & Transaction histories respectively from the client-area allowing them to see where their funds were allocated and confirm all transactions are present without the extra admin for YOU!!!

WHMCS Gateway Manager

With WHMCS Gateway Manager you can set limits for gateways, which means that when a gateway has processed X amount of transactions or more than an X amount of money your WHMCS will automatically enforce the next gateway to be used.

WHMCS Expected Suspensions

Client Account Suspensions can cause havoc when packages get suspended which should not have been suspended. With our WHMCS Expected Suspensions module you can easily see in both the plugin page and the dashboard which clients are about to be suspended making it easier to prevent incorrect suspensions before they happen!

FNB Transaction Importer

With FNB Transaction Importer for WHMCS you can now handle allocations from EFT payments easier than ever!