Cached invoices WHMCS addon module

Make sure your invoices stay forever untouched, even if you change the user information or decide to upgrade your PDF template. This module also allows you to automatically upload paid invoices to your Dropbox account, prevent the user currency changes problems and edit the invoice even after it’s been cached

Fix due dates WHMCS addon module

Be fair to your users and forget about manual corrections for late pending order activations and late renewal payments! If some user makes an order od December 1st and pays the invoice on December 5th, why should he have 4 days stripped away from him, or why should you have to manually correct the dates on the service details page and on the invoice? Using the Fixed due dates module will make your life much easier as it also detects suspended accounts!

Hosting quota notification WHMCS addon module

This addon will send a customized Disk Quota Warning e-mail notice when a user account reaches the specified used disk percentage limit… The module is checking all active hosting accounts on a daily basis, after the WHMCS cron job script gets executed. Send the warning e-mail in time to prevent various “disk full” problems for your users!